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As of Monday, June 6, 2011, there were 17 jobs listed in Texas. None are in the San Antonio area but you are encouraged to check the listings often. ***NOTE*** - While building this page the number of listings changed to 19.

UPDATED - as of 2:30 p.m. (06/06/10) - Today Alex spoke with management about the job vacancies in the San Antonio Alamo Area Local Area. Positions that will be available in the SAAAL area are as follows:
Clerks - Customer Service - 11
Clerks - Plant - 56
Motor Vehicle Service - 18
Vehicle Maintenance - 1
Maintenance - 2
Boerne - 1
New Braunfels - 1
Center Point - 1
Converse - 1
Pearsall - 1
Pleasanton - 1
Seguin - 1
Beeville - 1
Total - 96

The Clerk positions for the Plant is now listed at the USPS website. The job application process will be open only until Sunday. All applicants must go to to apply.

Be informed, stay informed. In knowledge there is power, in unity there is strength.

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