All across America people will be celebrating this country's birthday in many different ways. What ever you are doing on this day whether it's just relaxing and enjoying the day off or back yard barbecuing, lets all give some thought to the brave men that fought for our freedom many years ago, hang that flag that you have tucked away, watch it fly and rejoice that we really are "Land of the Free".

I'm not sure what my plans will be this 4th. Maybe spend it with some old high school friends, or maybe just grab a bucket of fried chicken from Earl Abels and watch the fireworks at nearby Fort Sam. What ever it is you do I hope you have a glorious day doing it.

The Other Big Day

July 4,1776! That's the big American day...the date that a Declaration of Independence was adopted, and because of it, names like Jefferson and Hancock are easily remembered.

But what about farmer Caesar Rodney and July 2, 1776, you ask?

That was the day when the Continental Congress met to try to break a deadlock in voting. The day before, July 1st, a preliminary vote to break with the mother country showed nine colonies in favor, two opposed, one abstaining, and one deadlocked.

By July 2nd, the two opponents had come over for independence, as had the abstainer. That left one remaining questionable state, Delaware...a very important vote, if you will. For, the members of congress believed that unanimous approval was essential to break something as important as a 169-year-old political tie.

Thus, on July 2nd, Delaware's third delegate, Caesar Rodney, after an all-night ride, entered the State House on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.

"The thunder and rain delayed me" he explained, matter-of-factly. Then he reported Delaware's support for independence.

Though it was years in coming, independence was settled that day. Thirteen states declared they ought to be free and independent.

July 4th was then inevitable. And, it had to happen, just as it did, because of July 2nd and a farmer named Caesar Rodney.