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USPS financial results - First-quarter operating revenue rose 3.3 percent (02/09/16) - The Postal Service has reported operating revenue of $19.3 billion for fiscal 2016's first quarter (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2015), an increase of $613 million — or 3.3 percent — compared to the same period one year earlier.

APWU E-Team Update What Does The Wage Act Do? (02/08/16)
Newsflash #12-6 February Membership Meeting Notice (02/02/16)

APWU - Staples NLRB Case: Secret Document Exposes USPS Privatization Planning (01/29/16) The document is covered by a "protective order" that prohibits APWU its disclosure BUT the document can be viewed here

APWU - Update on $56 Million Settlement (02/01/16)
Costco Wants to Know: Should USPS Be Privatized? Click here to vote "no" by Feb. 10 (02/01/16)
Stand Up For Safe Jobs Fact Sheet #4 (01/29/16)
Legislative Update #2-4 Presidential Election Calendar Explained (01/27/16)
Legislative Update #2-3 SAAAL Endorsed Candidates (01/20/16)

February 6, 1928
The first air mail flight arrived at Winburn Field (now Stinson Field).
Hundreds of spectators along with local and international dignitaries were on hand as 5 planes from Kelly Field escorted the air mail plane. Once landed the post office band played and after the transfer of mail the post office band headed a parade through the business district downtown to the post office.

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Looking Back in the Past
Vintage San Antonio

Don't Be Fooled!
"Don't let management take your pulse! Our voices are more powerful when we raise them together, through our union, than when we speak individually with management." - Mark Dimondstein

Members who turn in their blank surveys to the union will be eligible for $$$ drawings at the General Membership Meetings.***
There is so much truth in the admonition to "Just Say NO!"


TSP website
S&P 500 (C fund)
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Dow Completion (S fund)
1d  5d  3m  6m 
EFA (I fund)
1d  5d  3m  6m  1y  2y
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To All APWU Crafts:
If you receive any official letters notifying you that your job is to be changed, abolished, duties added, duties taken away or time changed, please notify the Union Office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
The Postal Service is taking actions concerning employees jobs, and are deceiving you into thinking that the APWU is aware, this is not true. The Union HAS NOT been getting the notifications as required.
Again, if there are any actions affecting your jobs, please notify the Union Office ASAP at 271-0853 or fax a copy of the letter to 224-6221.
The job you save may be your own!!!!
SAAAL Members Being Involved..

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